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Benefits of renting a Coworking in Bogotá

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The diversity of forms of collaborative work, the encouragement of freelancers and the sharing of space among several companies or entrepreneurs are new forms of business organization, which are being generated hand in hand with a paradigm shift in the creation of commercial areas. The term Coworking comes from the English “co-working”, it refers to the physical space for shared work where several companies as independent professionals can perform their work activities in the same place. Did you know that 89% of people who work in Coworking say they are happier and 71% say they are more collaborative according to the study conducted by Cat Johnson?

In this regard, Bogota is not staying behind. Therefore, today we are going to talk about 5 benefits of renting virtual offices in this city.

1.       Reduces costs

Depending on your situation, the packages, and services you rent, renting such an office can save you 75% to 90% of the cost of renting a more traditional office.  You’ll find it all in one place. It is estimated that 6 out of 10 companies will reduce office space to reduce monthly operating costs by 9% to 12% and the total monthly savings is 25% according to a study by the newspaper “El Portafolio”. This is an advantage, since the expenses that were destined for expensive leases in traditional offices are no longer used and generates greater economy. You will not have to buy furniture, computer equipment, you will not have to pay for utilities, maintenance, and hygiene of the place, that is, it is a great investment for you.

2.       Availability at any time

Wherever you are, you can have a physical address in Bogota. This way, your clients can have the guarantee of the existence of your company. This generates trust, but also allows you to provide them with permanent accessibility, both to receive them by scheduling an appointment and to answer their calls. In addition, not only your customers, but also potential investors, collaborators or any business appointment can be sure that there is a space where you are available.

3.       Location

The ease of public transportation or commercial services such as restaurants, stores, stationery stores and parks are an indispensable factor because it saves time in commuting. In addition, being close to nature will relax you, as it has scenery and a nice view. An optimal location will also give you good visibility and prestige from your customers, this generates a good impression to close business and keep them satisfied.

4.       Services with full accessibility

Reception for your company and calls directed to your company, handling of your stationery, messaging, reception and faxing, every service necessary for your business to be truly available all the time in Bogota is part of the package. If a client needs something from you after hours or if, even during business hours, you are not available, don’t worry, someone will attend to them exclusively on behalf of your company. In addition, it has comfort, lighting, spaciousness and more than that, the necessary technology to carry out your activities with office supplies and equipment, this is a key factor to choose Coworking in your company.

5.       Different packages to suit your needs in Bogota

If you need to provide training, attend to clients, have a meeting with your employees, sign an agreement or attend to a partner, you can always use the available spaces, according to your rental plan, either expanding it or, if you hired it beforehand, making use of your services. Meeting rooms, cafeteria, conventional offices, whatever you need is there.


Spacio Oficinas virtuales is the ideal choice for you! You could talk to our Sales Team who will help you choose the best plan to suit your company.

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Benefits of renting a Coworking in Bogotá

The diversity of forms of collaborative work, the encouragement of freelancers and the sharing of space among several companies or entrepreneurs are new forms of